Juzo ItamiJuzo Itami was a genius who exhibited a broad variety of talents across a range of fields such as being a commercial designer, actor, essayist, television presenter, magazine editor-in-chief and film director.
In addition, he was also well known for having deep insight as a hobbyist across various areas such as being a music aficionado, cat lover, vehicle enthusiast and culinary connoisseur.
In the "Permanent Exhibition Room" there are 13 corners which follow the meaning of the name "Juzo", namely "13", so that you can trace Itami's footprints with tangible materials. You will be sure to come across unknown aspects of the man known as Juzo Itami here.
In the "Special Exhibition Room", we will set up our own unique themes from time to time which will enable you to explore certain contents in greater depth. We are delighted to give you the opportunity to perceive and contemplate the ideas, methods, imagination, work touches, and individual personality of Juzo Itami's work, flowing from his outstanding observational powers.
After visiting the "Special Exhibition Room", we look forward to inviting you further into the world of Juzo Itami while enjoying a relaxing time in our "Café" which also prepares beverages such as champagne, which was always a favorite of Mr. Itami, and the "Corridor" that surrounds the courtyard.


Permanent Exhibition

Permanent exhibitionFollowing the meaning of Juzo Itami's name "13", we are pleased to introduce the world of Itami Juzo in 13 individual corners.
You can trace the achievements and personality of Juzo Itami through each of the corners in the names of Takehiko -Ikeuchi (boyhood), music aficionado, commercial designer, actor, essayist, illustrator, culinary connoisseur, vehicle enthusiast, television presenter, cat lover, psychoanalytical enlightener, commercial writer and film director.
Many of our exhibits have been designed in an ingenious fashion so that you can enjoy them by participating, such as by trying to open the drawers yourself, or spinning cloth illustrations around in a circle. We hope that this will heighten your experience and enjoyment of the exhibits as you will be able to touch and move them rather than just looking at them.
Since we have not designated any particular route, we invite all of our guests to feel free to view the exhibits in each corner in any order they wish, including watching a selection of the commercials made by Juzo Itami and browsing through an autographed manuscript prepared by Mr. Itami before becoming published as a book.
We hope that each of you can find your own individual way to enjoy your visit to our museum.

Special Exhibition

WAfter you finish perusing the Permanent Exhibition, please make your way into the Special Exhibition gallery. Juzo Itami left behind an enormous amount of materials. In the Special Exhibition gallery, we regularly exchange the exhibits and, to the extent possible, try to provide an in-depth look into some of the materials that do not feature in the Permanent Exhibition. Here, we tend to select and focus on one work produced by Juzo Itami and provide a detailed introduction and examination of the work from a variety of different aspects. By showing the process of creating movies, television programs, illustrations and books all the way up to the manufacturing stage, we can come closer to appreciating the "Itami style".

Please visit this page (Japanese) for information on our current exhibitions.

Dandelion Café ("Cafe Tampopo")

Permanent exhibitionOur Café provides a selection of drinks which Juzo Itami used to enjoy partaking, such as champagne and beer. You can also eat an original cake imitating the shape of the museum using chocolate made in France and "thirteen" buns, which are popular as a souvenir.
After viewing the exhibition, enjoy lingering a while inside our Café and store where you can enjoy audio from the soundtracks of various Itami movies. You can also purchase essays written by Mr. Itami and spend time reading there while drinking a cup of coffee. Please also feel free to just relax and enjoy your time in the Café socializing with your friends.
The pictures in the Café are drawings of characters made by Juzo Itami himself during production of the movie "Tampopo".
Regarding sales of alcohol, as the aim of such drinking is to remember Juzo Itami, we will limit sales thereof to one glass per person.

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Basic Information

Inquiries:1-6-10 Higashi-Ishii Matsuyama-shi Ehime, 790-0932, Japan
TEL:+81 (0)89-969-1313, FAX: +81 (0)89-969-1314
Hours Of Operation:10:00 - 18:00
*Last Admission 17:30
*Open on Tuesdays that fall on a national holiday, and closed on the following Wednesday
*Closed during year-end and maintenance dates.
Admission Fees:Adults:\800
High school students, College students:\500
Admission free for Junior High School Students and younger.

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  • From Matsuyama Airport
  • About 25 minutes by taxi
  • From Matsuyama City Station
  • Take the IYOTETSU bus bound for Tobe (for about 20 minutes), get off at Amayama-bashi bus stop and walk for 2 minutes.
  • From Matsuyama Motorway Matsuyama IC
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    Turn right at the Amayama-bashi crossing signal.
  • *Please feel free to contact us for further information.
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